Are you kidding me?

I just drove home from work. I turned the radio on. The “Peanuts’ Christmas” song came on the radio.

And its still 2 weeks until Thanksgiving!?!?!? Good thing I like Christmas music. Did you know that Michael W. Smith has a new Christmas CD out? Tim was telling me about it. I LOVE MWS’s other Christmas cds, so I must get a copy of this one.

Other than that, Life finally settling down a bit. This week I have an little bit of a lighter class load (my tues/thurs class I only have to go to on Thursday for a thirty minute meeting and my 3 hour Thursday night class in meeting for a slightly shorter time period this week). Plus I do not have any major deadlines this week. I have a little assignment that I need to finish tonight, but it is doable.

So yeah, nice to finally breath a little easier.

I am still waiting to hear about the job thing. Called last week, and emailed today…hopefully I will know something soon. If its a “yes” its good to know so I can move on to apartment planning. If its a “no” I need to know so I can piece together a plan B.

Man…it is getting windy out there. I best go run my errands before it gets too cold and too dark.

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    Hi,habe etwas allgemien in den Blog gestöbert, undauch deinen gefunden, der mir sehr gutgefällt. Mach bitte so weiter!! Liebe Grüße aus Germany Oswald

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