I learned that regarding the job I interviewed for, no decision has been made. It looks like they are still waiting for one individual to come back from out of town/being sick to come to any decision.

Also….I learned that “informally” I passed comps. What does that mean? Well, From a very informed person at school (professor/advisor) I was told I passed. Although the official notification has not come yet and I don’t know when it will. Thanks so much for everyone who prayed for me and my “day of doom” test.

With that down, I just have 3 classes to pass and the MA is done! (THATS CRAZY!!!!)

oh yeah…how could I have forgot for so long (its not like I have been busy or anything) but only 5 days and then it is my Birthday!


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2 responses to “news

  1. Crystal

    Debra, I’m so proud of you! You almost have your Masters! And we both know that one Masters is better than two Bachelors ;)Still praying about your job, I hope things go in the right direction.

  2. mom

    Debra, I am very proud of you! Just remember the perfect job awaits you in His timing. Ok, so waiting is easier said then done sometimes….however, you have so much going for you, it’s going to be great. Love you.

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