Writers Strike

I am absolutely fascinated by the writers’ strike taking place right now.


Well…people are starting to freak out because their favorite TV shows my not have new episodes for a while. Hollywood is scared of grinding to a halt. There are some potentially funny/comedic situations happening on the picket lines. Did you see the cartoon that has a bunch of individuals picketing but they are holding up blank signs?

But really, I am most captivated by the heart of the argument. Its all about “intellectual property rights.” Which is a huge rights issue. The writers believe that their intellectual creativity that produces scripts is then sold and (if super successful/long running/syndicated TV shows) continues to make money. It a very complicated issue.

At the same time, do you realize that people who write, can’t help it. If they are creative or passionate about writing, the words come to them and must be written down. So its not as if they are not writing at all. I bet some go home after time on the picket line and write about their experiences….Maybe we will see these events in future TV & movies. Life is the inspiration for written word.

Being 4 papers out of finishing my masters, I am glad we are not on a “writers strike.” It would prevent me from finishing up and finishing strong.

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