Will I be "googled" ?

Now that I am in the process of actively looking for employment, I was thinking about this blog. I know that often potential employers will google individuals to see what they have been up to online or in the news.

Obviously, this can be very negative for some individuals but at the same time positive for others I suppose. I am hopeful that if I were “googled” this blog would reflect well on who I am as an individual and how I perceive the world and as a result how I communicate my perspective.

Throughout the 2+ years of blogging, I have tried to be very discerning as well as consistent regarding what I will and will not blog about. I try very hard to not mention individuals by name unless I have their permission (with the exception of the post right before this. It was a cnn.com story so I figured they already knew their names would be online). The same goes for posting photos. I won’t post pictures of people unless I get the “ok” from them.

In addition to that, out of fairness, politeness, and just plain decency, I try to keep the negativity to a minimum. (Why people use blogs to criticize other individuals, companies, organizations, etc in such a harmful, public manner, I will never understand).

I guess that I am hopeful this “little slice of blogdom” will serve as a kind of portfolio or glimpse into the life of who “potential employee Debra” truly is.

That being said, I would love any critic or comments regarding the blog or posts that may seem to not fit the above mentioned standard.

Finally, as the clock ticks past time into tomorrow, Great Hawks game!

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