One to go

Well, my paper plans changed slightly. I got the second paper (with the 13th due date) done first. On Saturday, I wanted to go to the Library to finish up some research for the first paper. After running around doing errands all morning, I got home just as it started to snow. I thought I was going to have a couple of more hours until the snow came, but no, it came early.

On top of that, when I got home, there was a yard project that my roommates were hurrying to get done, so I helped with that.

The weather got progressively worse, so I did not want to drive in the sleet/rain/snow mix to the Library to finish the research.

While it warmed up overnight, the library was closed all of Sunday, so there was no way to finish my research.

Instead, I wrote the second paper. It was a very unique paper in which we did not need very many sources, so I was basically ready to begin writing anyway.

Now that the second paper is done, I am kind of excited about the fact that deadlines will require me to finish the second one by Tuesday (research today, write it tomorrow). And then, I am done! (except for my final). So really, I am glad the weather got bad and I could not get to the library. It probably helped me in the long run, not procrastinate right up until another deadline.

The end is near….I can almost taste the sweetness of success.

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