OK, here’s the deal. A friend of mine has a band. Search/Rescue You can check them out here:

Anyway, I wanted to communicate that I found the band online and love the music; to do so required a myspace page. I do not intend to use it much at all. If any of you have myspace, you could do me a huge favor and try to get to my page, let me know what you see. I hope not much. I think I set all the privacy things, but I could be mistaken.

If you do have myspace and friend me, please do not be hurt or offended if I “reject” you. For only a small number of people with whom that is my only form of communication, I may use it. everyone else. Sorry, not going to happen.

Other than that, I thought it would be important to note that I have finally had a chance to start watching Alias. WOW! I am 9 episodes in….I LOVE it!!!!

Now to go to sleep. Night.


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