Noon of the Week

Do you know what “Noon of the Week” is? Quite simply, its exactly halfway through the week, which is 12 pm on Wednesday. There are other phrases commonly used to point to the joy that is wednesday, but I like to go for the uncommon, the underdog of the English language so to speak. Anyway, its a pretty handy phrase so I thought I would pass along this new discovery of mine.

Also, I have been doing some thinking and I came to the conclusion that I wish I had a new Mariner Jack.
A new Mariner Jack looks like this:

My Mariner Jack does not have such a glow about him anymore. I use mine to find my car quickly in a crowded parking lot, but he looks a little sad after a couple years in the rain and now a few in the cold. Do they have new Mariner Jacks every summer? I wish they did and I wish I could get one.

What else is happening….Well I am still waiting to hear about a possible job…Keep praying on that one please.

Oh, (I almost forgot) in my continual effort to complete a life goal of coining a new word or phrase that is released to the world at large and used so frequently, that it becomes common place and the inventor (me) is long forgotten, I am introducing the phrase “Noon of the Week” Please use it with love, respect, and regularity.


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