It's in the air

The snow may be falling, but I hear whispers in the air. Rumors swirl around in the frigid wind.

It’s out there and it’s coming….Slowly it creeps towards us.

Somewhere in this favored land the sun is shinning bright.

With the sun comes the game and thus, somewhere hearts are light.

Yes my dear friends, it is now February. With February comes the hot stove, and just beyond that horizon, Spring.

To warm the heart, to make children smile, to hear the roar of the crowd and the crack of the bat. Cactus leauge is on its way. And in honor of the fact that the Mariners begin spring training in the next few weeks, I present my new blog template.

Perhaps it is not as peaceful as the previous template, but it is hopeful. Hopeful of impending spring. Hopeful of a fantastic season. Heres to a great year boys!


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One response to “It's in the air

  1. Vicky

    LOVE IT!!!!!!! May we still be celebrating in October :)Please please please tell me you are coming home to visit this summer, and please please please tell me that we can go to an Ms game :)Also, this was one fine piece of writing! You should try to submit it to something Mariner’s related (or baseball related for that matter… as long as it’s not the Yankees. You may not earn a profit from the Yankees).

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