Couple of funny things

Like I said, I don’t post videos that often, but I found these funny.

Moody Bible Institute is a school in downtown Chicago. Founded by D.L. Moody (who’s birthday is today 2/5), it is known world wide for its training of Christian students. Moody provides students the opportunity to go to college tuition paid. While sometimes scoffed at for what is seen by some as strict rules and ties to “fundamentalist” christianity, Moody does provide a great education for bible students. Several of my friends from Wheaton Grad School completed their undergrad at Moody.

Each year they have a lip-sync competition and this one of the best from 2007. I love the silliness and creativity that can be found on college campuses. I think that taking away the drinking and other typical college activities that do not meet biblical muster on christian campuses pushes these creative antics to an even higher, more perfected level.

As a slight side note, the professor in the opening minutes of the first was the leader of the UK trip I went on last may which was a Moody trip.

Another thing….Moody and Wheaton have a bit of a rivalry (for lack of a better word). Stereotypes abound. Moodies are: “Homeschoolers, not as intelligent, holier than thou, more ministry focused” Wheaties are: “spoiled, rich, arrogant, have a more culturally relevant christianity”

While most stereotypes have a reason for existing, both schools are fantastic. The fact is they have different purposes and each takes thier purpose seriously and strives to meet it. AND both have lame mascots, the Moody Archers (as in an arch on a building, not a person shooting arrows) and the Wheaton Thunder (but the logo is a bolt of lighting).

Enjoy this “recruitment” video for Moody on the campus of Wheaton.


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