So, who knows how the Democratic Presidential nomination will work out, but the way I see it, The GOP will probably end up with a McCain – Huckabee ticket.

McCain has trouble drawing in conservatives and so called “evangelicals” (which some of us acknowledge is a tricky label to actually nail down, even by the experts in the field who have spent their lives studying Evangelicals and their history, let alone just being tossed about by people who misunderstand and interchange the word with fundamentalists, which is NOT a synonym. sorry, just a little rant).

Huckabee probably cannot compete with McCain. So put them together. I have been thinking this the last few days and now it looks like that is what the political analysts are starting to say. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Can I just say it now? I love being a political junkie! Are politics perfect. No, but I love ’em anyway.



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4 responses to “McCain-Huckabee

  1. Anonymous

    I’m halfway through season 4 of the West Wing, so I’m enjoying the real thing as well as Aaron Sorkin’s far more eloquent TV drama. The more I watch these hosers debate, the more I wish that Christopher Walken were running…All I have left to do is vote for Ron Paul…Tomp.s. As the token “guy who spends too much time studying evangelicals” among our church history clique, I commend the distinctives you set forward and can only wish that Charles Gibson and Brian Williams would bring in David Bebbington or Dr. Larsen to explain just what an evangelical is and isn’t.

  2. Deb

    Wouldn’t that be awesome if they had Larsen & Bebbington. Hey, Noll & Hatch are going to be in town in May 10th discussing the last 40 years & the history of Evangelicals..

  3. Deb

    Oh yeah my old roomie & I are almost done with season 6, so we watched the “super tuesday” episode on Friday. That was fun, but kind of odd.

  4. Anonymous

    Your mom and I went to meet Janet Huckabee today. I told her to keep threading the needle between truth and grace and she came back to me with, “I appreciate that”.Did you know that Janet Huckabee didn’t have a middle name, so she took her maiden name (as many do today)as her maiden name? Her middle name is McCain? :-)She is very articulate and mom and I were very impressed. She represents her husband well.Dad

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