In my opinion

the grammies are behind the times….

Did anyone else feel like the list of winner were a grouping of “old” music? Just stuff that plays on the radio way too often and spends way more months at the top of the charts then the music actually deserves?

I guess its just the music I tend to listen to is more “indie rock” which by default (and perhaps implied by the name – independent) is often unknown or not respected within the mainstream music world. If the music world gives an official nod to an indie group, it could backfire due to the entire disestablishment mentality of indie music. It could be seen as selling out. As Dewey would agree, indie music of today is like rock music of days long ago. the point, “Stick it to the Man” (I just saw “School of Rock” again on Friday). Therefore, music is about the music, not about the record label, the contract deal, or the nice shinny trophy.

Anyway, out of all the winners, the only one I can really appreciate is “Call Me Irresponsible” from Michael Bublé. But it seems like even that album has been out for a while.

Speaking of music, I watched “the Ultimate Gift” tonight. I have to say, I was a little proud of myself that at one point in the movie, within about 1 second of listening, I exclaimed “Switchfoot, On Fire, Track 9, Beautiful Let Down!” kind of silly, I know, but I like when I can hit the recall button in my brain and retrieve information that quick. Especially when it pertains to music.

Well, its almost 10:30, so I need to get going. I have started in on Season 2 of Alias, so I best get to watching.


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