Baseball-A Film by Ken Burns

9 innings. (I hear they are making a 10th!) I have never seen more than 1.5 innings and the cost to purchase them is extraordinary (over $150) but some day I would like to watch (and hopefully own) all 9 innings of Baseball.

****Nerd Alert****When I did watch the first inning and a half, I took notes. I still remember the following baseball facts:

The word “fan” comes from Fanatics which was originally used in regards to Baseball Fanatics. Prior to being labeled fanatics – and then Fans, they were called “cranks”

The Dodgers are named such because when they played in Brooklyn, their fans had to dodge trollies. The team was originally called the Brooklyn Trolly Dodgers

Once a man was selling some type of sausage from a stand out next to a ballpark. He ran out of plates, so he teamed up with the next food vender over who was selling some type of bread or waffle or something. Thus the birth of the hotdog.

I suppose I may be a little off in the above mentioned “facts” but it was about 10 years ago that I watched those innings.


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