Señor Dublé

I found this little story about Edgar Martinez today:

“Martinez, a key to Seattle’s 2001 team that won an AL-record 116 games, also was quite skilled at keeping at a straight face. Buhner recalled how Martinez once spiced up a dull spring training week, pretending to be bothered by salsa music blaring from the clubhouse stereo while he meticulously weighed his bats, as he always did.

After a couple of times turning the music down only to have it turned back up, Martinez took one of his cherished bats and obliterated the stereo. All that was left was the tuning knob – and a beat-up bat.

“Oh, that’s not good. B.P. bat,” Martinez said. He then simply returned to weighing more bats while the rest of the team stared in disbelief.

A minute later, Martinez bowled over laughing. So did all his teammates. The next day, Martinez had a new, deluxe stereo system installed in the clubhouse.”

Made me laugh.


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