Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Singles Awareness Day (as one of my friends calls it)
Happy V-Day (not like as in the war).

I am wearing Pink tomorrow (while I type this it is 7 minutes until tomorrow).

Honestly V-day bugs me a bit. I don’t like how the consumer driven world turns V-day in to some big commercial spending blitz. It might be “good” during the (lowercase r) recession for the country to be out spending money, but it depends on the perspective. To spend that which you don’t actually have is detrimental. Not to mention the world is attempting to achieve this so called idea of love by buying things. It is a big day of pressure. Do you know how many people have awful stories all because of the pressure that comes about when the world tells you this day must be perfect?

My suggestions (from the theoretical perspective – extremely limited experience gives the advantage to an outsider, a somewhat more reasonable perspective):

1. Spend time not money
2. Laugh at the mishaps and imperfections of the day. Life is imperfect therefore any attempt at capturing and displaying an idilic and “romanticized” view of love, will result in imperfections
3. Don’t build unrealistic expectations. They are, unrealistic.
4. Wear pink or red just because its silly. (even if you are single and absolutely hate the day. be silly. it might just make you enjoy yourself a little)
5. Instead of tomorrow, do something on 3/12/08 (or any other random day!)

Just a few suggestions.

Things not allowed: moping, getting angry, being frustrated, being impatient, and wearing black.


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  1. Crystal

    Those are good suggestions Debra 🙂 I will indeed wear red today! And laugh at mishaps (and unrealistic expectations) and spend time not money. Happy Valentines Day, my friend!

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