Battle in Seattle

Ok, who remembers WTO and the insanity that ensued? The riot in November of 1999? Remember when the Starbucks was vandalized hardcore? I have a vague recollection of a blown up turtule. And remember the anarchists? Didn’t they come to town just to participate in the choas? And then they took over an abondoned building and refused to leave?

I remember one of my friends was going to head north to check out what was going on. He decided not to because it was very unsafe.

All that to say “Battle in Seattle” (although we may have called it the Battle of Seattle) coming to theaters near you in April. The website says it is a combination of several different perspectives. It was filmed in Seattle and also has some of the real footage. I am not saying go out and see it. I have no idea of actual content. Just thought I would point out that, like some of us thought at the time, it was so over the top and surreal, it felt like the city was living out a movie. Now I guess it did.

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