So is everyone diggin’ Starfield yet?   

Way back in the day, this little worship band from canada played at my bible college.  They were ok.  The more I heard their music from the handful of cds my friends purchased that day, the more I liked them.
It took until after I came back to the states that I seriously tried to hunt down a copy of their cd for myself.  After an unsuccessful hunt, I emailed the band.  Surprisingly, I received a relatively swift reply from Tim Neufeld himself (Lead singer & guitar man) letting me know that the cd was no longer in existence, but their first world wide release was coming out later that month.
I bought it.  Loved it.  Same with the second cd.  I told everyone I could think of about them. AND I even received an amazing birthday gift from my friends ‘Cole & john (a Starfield t-shirt and signed photo from the band) when a group of youth leaders got to rock out to Starfield at Youth Specialties.
So I ask again, are you digging ’em yet?  
Their “third” (not counting Tumbling After) cd comes out 3/25/08.  I recommend it!  And all of their past stuff too…very awesome.  Personal favorites, “Over My Head” & “Alive In This Moment”

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