That makes me sad.

I am sad to hear that Josh Brown signed with the St. Louis Rams today. The Seahawks will have a difficult time replacing him. I heard that Elam was the best kicker currently available on the free agent market, but for what ever reason, I don’t really like him. If I recall correctly, he let down my fantasy football team this year. I got nothing from my kicker until I dropped Elam and picked up Brown.

In other news…I listened to the Mariners game today. They lost 10-11 to the Padres, but even with a loss it was a wonderful sound to have coming over the “air waves” on a Saturday afternoon. (I put “air waves” in quotes because I listen to the games via the internet, which I get from a wireless internet connection. Therefore, it is through the air waves.)

Also, I am still plugging along with Alias. I am midway through season 3 (which is basically 1/2 way through the entire series). I decided that the intro music would make a great ring tone.

For dinner tonight, I ate 8 chocolate chip cookies with two glasses of milk. Don’t worry, the cookies were not very big. I don’t eat cookies very often, but these were freshly baked, Toll House cookies. Almost as good as Otis Spunkmeyer. [Editors note, the “ate 8” was unintentional.]

Still moving along with a possible job situation. I don’t like to post very much on here because this blog is set up so that anyone can read it and with somethings (i.e. specifics on a possible job) I would rather keep the details out of the hands of the world (wide web). Thanks for understanding. I do appreciate your continued prayers.


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