my car broke today

After work today, I attempted to go home. In doing so, I tried to start my car. It wouldn’t start. The radio came on, the dashboard lit up, but the engine would not start. Not only that, but there was absolutely no attempt at the engine starting. Not even a clicking noise. (does this mean its the starter?)

I had to call AAA to come tow it about .25 miles around the street corner to where I get my car looked at. I hope to hear back tomorrow as to what the problem is. I hope it does not cost too much because I have zero to spend.



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2 responses to “my car broke today

  1. Anonymous

    i sincerly hope its not your starter, and if so that you don’t have the VR6 engine. at least with my GTI they had to remove the engine to get at the starter, which is kind of expensive to start with…Tom

  2. Deb

    I do have a vr6. ugh.

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