I was going to watch Alias tonight. I went to the library checked out 2 volumes (each contain 2 dvds) because I only have 1.5 episodes to watch in the first volume which (as goes alias) will end on a cliff hanger and then I would “need” the next volume on hand.

Unfortunately, they left the plastic clip in the dvds so I can’t watch until I go back to the library and get them removed. Bummer.

instead, I am going to watch “His Girl Friday” I started watching it yesterday but got to tired so I turned it off and went to bed. It was due today, but I got it renewed. Thus, I do not have the same problem of the plastic clips preventing me from opening the case.

I ate a shamrock shake today. I don’t think I have had a milkshake from Mickey D’s in years. So today I had a large shamrock shake. It was awesome.

(I dreamed about eating one this morning right before I woke up – I also dreamed that I ordered the two cheese burger meal only to be told that my three “pizza cheese burger” [whatever that is!] meal was coming up. I told them that was not what I ordered only to be informed the two cheeseburger meal is no longer made. So I said “Well I don’t want pizza cheese burgers” After a moment, I ordered a whopper [I guess Micky D’s turned into Burger King] and medium fries. the guy behind the counter was like “uhm..I’ll have to check on that. I don’t think we can give you medium fries” I was about to get extremely mad, but then my alarm woke me up. The result: I got a shamrock shake today for real)

I also made marinated tomatoes, which I ate several slices of today. Nothing like a cheese and marinated tomato sandwich.

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