I was thinking

I was thinking this week that blogging is an interesting thing. It allows the writer to give voice to a variety of topics. Serious and silly, important and trivial, and even true and false.

A blogger has the ability to create an imaginative world and ramble on about it as if it were fact. How do readers splice fact from fiction? Well…for an individual reader who does not know the blogger, there is no way to differentiate between truth and fiction with out finding actual contradictions. For readers who know the blogger, there is an assumption that the writer is continuing down an assumed path taking into account the writer’s personality, history, experiences, and typical thought process. This suggests to the reader that the current events are accurate and are presented as such. This trust is based on previous knowledge which gives way to a foundation of credibility.

Credibility….that is what stuck me as interesting this week. Because I think the actual concept of the blog can chip away at the writers credibility. Some bloggers where their hearts not on their sleeves, but within in the lines of their blogs. I have done this on occasion, although more often then not, I check my heart at the log in (so to speak). There are many important (serious, joyful, silly and sad) things which I purposely choose to not blog about. By intentionally disregarding these events, feelings, people and thoughts, does that mean I spew onto the page something that is less credible, less authentic? Perhaps.

Outside of blogging, we each deal with the same questions. Sometimes people call this “wearing a mask” or having “walls.” Once again, blogging is a virtual parallel to reality.

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