I don’t really like the process of moving. The final outcome is kind of fun, but packing and making all the proper arraignments can be a little overwhelming.

Last week I purchased a trailer hitch and had it installed on my car. Today I tried to stop by the rental place, but they were already closed for the afternoon. (I am going to try again tomorrow)

In order to figure out how much space I will have in the trailer, I put masking tape down on the floor so I have the dimensions of the trailer. I also marked out how much space my mattresses would take up. I think I will be able to fit everything. Actually, I am confident of this. I am still trying to get rid of some things just because I don’t need them.

Well, let me correct myself. One thing I will not be able to take to Texas is my couch. I bought a used couch in September of 2006 ( Blogging about my couch ). While technically, the couch would fit in the trailer, if I put it there, there would be no room for boxes of everything else. Therefore, the couch stays. I tried to sell it on Craig’s list. At one point in December someone came and looked at it, agreed on a price, left to go get a vehicle to pick it up, and never came back. This time around, I listed it again, but no one was interested. In the end, I am donating it to a furniture resale shop. Its run by a church and all of the funds go to help their single moms and kids program. In fact, it happens to be the exact same furniture shop I bought the couch from.

They are coming to pick it up tomorrow morning. Before it was gone, I wanted to take a couple of pictures of it. So here is one where I am sitting, lamenting the fact that the couch will no longer be mine.

Other than that, the process of moving is frustrating because I want to pack everything, yet I know I need some things. And its that fear of “if I put this in a box and tape the box up, I will probably need it tomorrow, but if I leave it out, sitting around, I won’t need it.” Clothes, DVDs, books, office/art supplies – all packed. (except for a limited number of outfits I still need to wear.) Tomorrow, I am going to get computer stuff, bathroom stuff, and some kitchen stuff packed. Then it should feel like I am getting somewhere!

I am kind of rambling a bit. The reason, I am listening to the M’s game and it is top of the 9th 2 outs, 3-2 count….ground ball to Sexson, bobbled, tossed to the man covering first, in time, OUT! The M’s take the series 2-1. That’s how you do well in baseball, win series. What a great start to what I hope will be a fantastic season!

Okay, night.


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2 responses to “Progress

  1. Anonymous

    Hey girl – I love that lamenting look as you sit on your couch for the last time.I’m excited for you as you embark on a new adventure – I know God has something extra -extra special for you – because you are extra – extra special. Keep blogging – I love reading what is going on in your life.Aunt Chris

  2. Anonymous

    Debra, I love the picture. You do look a little sad though. Praying that things will work out for you in Texas. Love you. Mom

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