So, those who have known me for a very long time can vouch for this, I love Michael W. Smith!!! Before Switchfoot, before Newsboys, MWS was my favorite!

The very first concert I ever went to was on Sept 19, 1993. dc Talk opened for MWS at the Puyallup Fair. It was a youth group event and because it was at the fair, we also got to go on rides and play games. I happened to win a green stuffed animal (I think it was a cat???) It had a tie on and perhaps sunglasses…I don’t quite remember. Anyway, I named him MdubS.

My first cassette tape, the Project.

My last cassette tape, The First Decade. One of my first CDs Michael W. Smith: The Wonder Years. A two disc compilation set with a sweet book. Seriously, he is awesome and I love his music!

And today, I got to see him speak and play. He was the speaker for Chapel today. My current roommate is a prof, so she gave me a heads up that he was coming. Because I went with her to chapel, we got pretty decent seats (in a packed out auditorium, I am sure no students skipped today). Two of Smitty’s daughters were sitting in the row in front of me with MWS and his wife, Debbie, in the next row up.

funniest moment, while he was speaking, someone yelled “friends!” So he abruptly stopped, walked over to the piano, sat down and started playing. All of a sudden, from the auditorium filled with students lighters appear. With lighters lite, and waving in the air, MWS looks up and sees what is taking place. He stops playing and just starts cracking up, and then directs the audience to start waving their arms while he finishes of the chorus of “friends.” this may not seem funny to you, but this is WHEATON, students sign a covenant with no smoking, no drinking, and other codes of christian conduct. And here they are waving lighters in chapel, perhaps the most lighters ever on campus at one time. It was hilarious. It also made me chuckle that people (MWS’ kids too) started taking photos of the students. Anyway, it was an enjoyable event and I am glad I could go today.


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4 responses to “MWS

  1. Vicky

    I will always associate MWS with you Debra. I totally remember when you got the 2-disc compilation WITH A BOOK. I also recall that this was before my family even owned a CD player, so it was that much cooler. You introduced me to some great songs…How cool that you got to hear him speak and sing. Wow πŸ™‚

  2. Deb

    You know what Vicky, I think I had the CDs before I owned a cd player too!

  3. Anonymous

    We now have something else in common not only are we related but your Uncle Mike and Aunt Chris had the opportunity while in Iowa to attend one of MWS concerts as well. He is so real and so fantastic – Our music minister was with us and he said he has never seen anyone who has such perfect pitch. I will be praying for your move – Love you tons. Aunt Chris

  4. Vicky

    Yeah, I was kinda thinking you may have gotten the CDs and had no way to listen to them, but I couldn’t remember. How funny!!!

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