So here we are

Well, my Texas adventure has begun. To date I have applied for seven jobs with another two ready to go tomorrow. I also know of a job fair taking place on Saturday at a place I would love to work (can’t pass up benefits for part-time workers).

Yesterday, I had a chance to try a cherry limeade from Sonic (very good, next time I am getting a lime-limeade). Today for lunch I had my first Whataburger. While I enjoyed the toppings, Culvers makes a better burger. AND to my surprise and pure happiness, there is a Culvers here. (I thought there were not any in Texas, but I am glad to be wrong).

Let see…what else… Yesterday we did a little bit of painting, mostly primer. We were able to do one coat, but it probably needs a second and the ceiling has yet to be primed. After the priming, it is on to a lovely blue color.

Also, I had a chance to play a little bit of Wii tonight. I think I hurt my arm! 🙂 The wii fitness age put me at 53, I figure that means I NEED to play often to get in shape.

Finally, my car was having a little trouble on the freeways at the needed higher speeds. The steering wheel would shake and the car was not riding smooth at all. I figured part of the problem was wind, but the other part might be my wheels. (who knows what the weight of the trailer did to it). I took it in today and for very little money (yeah!) they rotated and balanced the wheels. No more shaking!

Thats about it so far.

Here are just a couple of photos from my trip. Most of it was during the night so the pictures did not really turn out.

Here’s a picture of my car at around 9:45 pm before we hit the road. I was waiting in downtown Wheaton for my brother to get a starbucks. We left so that we could beat the weather, snow was in the forecast.

ME! my trailer & a truck.

Made it! I am on the phone calling the uhaul place to return the trailer. I think it took about 20 minutes to unload the trailer.



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3 responses to “So here we are

  1. Anonymous

    I love your blog – it keeps me up to date as far as what is going on in your life. I’m still praying for the right job for you – I know God has one just for you. Seeing your trailer – it brought back memories for me – that is how my personal belongings made it to Michigan when I married your Uncle Mike. Say hi to Lance, Katie and the girls and enjoy your day – Aunt Chris

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Debra,Enjoyed talking with you. Trust everything will fall into place for you. Enjoyed your pictures. Have fun painting. 53 huh? You are getting really close to where I am! Love you, MOM

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