Things I've learned

Since I have lived in Texas, I have learned a few things. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Yes, it is ok to wait eagerly for 2 pm to roll around and then as soon as it arrives, get in your car, drive down the street and get a half price limeade at Sonic during happy hour.

2. Just because you are registered and have uploaded your resume on hot jobs, monster jobs, career builder, all of the local government, university and large company job boards does not mean that you will not have to fill out separate work and school information for every single job you apply for. (I think I now have all contact info for previous work, schools and references memorized).

3. Painting with watercolors can be just as fun without any water and a little bit of imagination instead.

Finally (and one of my favorite things I have learned)

4. If you are playing with dolls and their heads fall off (or perhaps are pulled off), the doll is still perfectly usable. Simply do one of two things, play with the headless doll and pretend the head is still on it OR pull off a leg, jam it down the neck (where the head used to be) and continue playing.

I just learned that item number 4 has a third option. Play “genie” with the dolls and pretend that their heads appear and disappear with magic, just like in Aladdin.

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