Well, I don’t have a job yet, but in the next handful of days I have a couple of more information conversations/interviews for a few places. I am hopeful that something will pan out.

All I can do is be myself, represent the honest, hard working, fast learning person that I am and see what happens.

Today I learned that I don’t like the strawberry limeade from Sonic. I suppose that is mainly because I am not a huge fan of strawberries. I like them as just fruit to eat and occasionally in lemonade, but generally speaking, I prefer cherries. That being said, I still wanted to taste the strawberry limeade. For all I knew, I would like it as much as strawberry lemonade. Nope. I think in the future I will stick to cherry limeades.

We watched Survivor tonight. I haven’t watched in forever. It was still interesting and still frustrating watching people make silly voting/alliance mistakes.

Twice since I have been in Texas, we have gotten a round of thunder storms. The first storm I tried to take a picture of lightning. I got a few, but unknown to myself, there was a screen in the way which made the pictures kind of dumb. During the second storm, the lightning was closer, but I did not get any photos with actual lightning bolts in them. Here are the two best from the first storm.


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