Since I moved to Texas, I have been attending First Baptist Church of McKinney. FBC is currently emphasizing the idea of the missional church, moving outside the walls of a building, being Jesus to the community locally and on a broader geographical scope.

My brother was nudging me for a bit about a missions trip to uhm..Crete…I think…thats in maybe August. Well, I had it in the back of my mind, but thats about it.

In the last week and a half, a man by the name of Andy Flannagan has been at First Baptist talking about injustice. He’s an Irish guy who writes music, leads worship and works at a church in London. Anyway, we went to church this evening and while Andy was singing about Jesus being the Price of Peace within and around the situaiton of Northern Ireland (conflict between protestants and catholics) I kind of had a realization. Crete was like “meh” to me not because it would not be amazing, but because if I were able to go anywhere in the world for ministry, it would be to the UK. Why? I don’t know, I love the culture, I love the landscape, I love the history, everything I know and everything I learn of it, I love.

The people are incredible and hurting very much. In part to post modernity and secular culture. Beyond the hands-on humanity of it, I find it philosophically and historically fascinating. What once was christendom is no more. Beyond the Macro-picture of history, I find it tragic that individuals are so broken and hurting. Ultimately, they are in need of the love of Christ. Not that the people of Crete are not. Hardly, its just that my heart lies in the misty fog of Londontown. So as I was sitting there, I thought, if FBC had a trip going to the UK (or to nearby Ireland) then I would be interested.

WELL…turns out they do. I got a brochure and thus the “maybe” tag to this post. There are so many hurdles to go, its practically impossible. Here’s the list:
1. Its very soon. June 8-18th
2. Its big $$$ (close to 2K)
2.b. I have very little money. Beyond that fact, is it prudent to even consider or dream such an idea at this phase of life?
3. I am new here, I don’t know how the process works. I am not even a member of FBC
4. I start a new job on Monday. which points back to item one. Its soon and its 10 days
5. I am still looking for additional work. (My new job is part time and will not be enough $$$. So I continuing to look for an additional part time job OR a “career job” where I can continue the current job on the side.)

SO, Practically speaking, its a no go (or perhaps wait until next time). That does not mean I am not still considering it. It would be incredible.

And I was also thinking tonight that in 5-10 years time if I haven’t done much besides work and pay off loans, I am going to the UK for missions work. why not? If I haven’t got anything better to do?

Feel free to post comments telling me I am crazy for even considering the trip. Or (though I suppose this may be a little much to ask), post comments saying you are praying for me and my up coming trip. Or for the very few of you out there who wish to join the “Impossible – no problem” bandwagon, feel free to drop a line that your praying and sending money support me. 🙂 Dream big I figure.

night all.



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4 responses to “Maybe

  1. Anonymous

    Debra,Dream BIG! Lance brings up a mission trip, you have a location on your heart, there just happens to be a trip coming up to that location. Pray and ask the Lord for clarity. If it is a go He will bring the funds needed and the clearance with your new boss. Be blessed! And, WELCOME TO TEXAS!Ann (Richardson)

  2. Vicky

    I totally understand what you’re saying about having a heart for the UK… that’s how I’ve felt about Germany since my sophmore year of high school. I have a friend who is considering a YWAM DTS in Germany. We were talking about how Europe isn’t seen as a “mission field” by many (i dunno… because they have clean water and flushing toilets?) but they are hurting and need Jesus. Like you said… what was once Christendom isn’t anymore.Anyway, I think you should go. Talk to your work– I bet they’ll let you go. Any new job you get, you can say from the beginning, “I’ll be out of town these dates”. And if $$$ is the only other hurdle then it’s not a hurdle– God will provide. If God wants you to go, He will open all the doors.Have you ever considered something more long-term in the UK? If you do, I will TOTALLY come to visit you there.Slightly related to this post(because my comment really isn’t long enough at this point)… I recently read a book called “A Severe Mercy” by Sheldon Vanauken. You should read it. The author was an (american) atheist who became a Christian while studying at Oxford, and became friends w/ CS Lewis.I’m praying for you!!!!

  3. Deb

    Ann Thanks! I am praying away. (and so far, I am quite enjoying Texas). Also, is so fun to read a comment from someone that I was previously unaware was reading this thing. pretty cool.Vicky Thanks as well. To answer you question about considering something long term in the UK. Yeah, I have considered it. Last summer and a couple of semesters ago, I was talking a bit with Greater Europe Mission (GEM). Due some of the same reason I listed on the post, the idea is still there, but timing didn’t work (yet). 1. I got to get some long term insurance/health stuff figured out and 2. I have loans to pay back. School costs money and I did not have it at the time. So I kind of feel like I can’t slack off my responsibility of paying them off. Wheaton had a scholarship/loan program for people headed into missions, get 25% of loans paid off for each year of work. 4 years on the field, no more loans. too bad I wasn’t thinking this direction a couple of years ago. So yeah, I have thought about it and while anything is possible, at this moment in time, (unless shown otherwise) I have responsibility stuff I have to stick with. I figure 5-10 years from now….

  4. Deb

    oh, and thanks for the book recommendation. I need to get a library card here….

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