So it has been brought up…

I was talking with someone and it was pointed out that perhaps some would want to financially support the trip to the uk, but they wouldn’t know how to send it to me. Well, I can’t post my address on this blog, but you can now click (over on the right) to “view my profile.”

Once you do this, look on the right of the page. A few lines under my photo, there is a link to email me. If you want, email me and I can send you my address.

If you want to do it anonymously (so that I don’t know) then just send it to My older brother’s house or email him for more specific info of where to send it.

If you don’t know my brother and you can’t figure any other way how to send it (especially if you don’t want me to know) send it to First Baptist Church of McKinney.

Please forgive me if you are annoyed at this very practical, but perhaps slightly presumptuous, post but I could not figure out how to follow up my previous post without simply being straight forward.


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