Ok, so I am still thinking about it. We had a meeting at church today. Its all pretty up in the air (to me) with the biggest obstacle being the cost.

One thing I did learn is that the most expensive part it the plane ticket. BUT, it is possible to get that via air miles even if it means individuals flying to Heathrow by themselves and then meeting up. For me, I only have about 13,000 miles earned and with an airline that does not specifically fly to Heathrow (although their partner companies do). One thing I have found out is that it is possible to gift airline miles to other people. So, my next questions is “Does anyone know someone who has a ridicules amount of airline miles earned up so that they will never use it all?” I know some people out there travel a ton for business and earn more miles than they know what to do with. If that’s you and you would be willing to possibly donate some miles for a missions trip, let me know in the next couple of days. I have to decided soon.

Again, email me (if you need my email click on “view my profile” and there will be a link to my email).

Comments, thoughts, ideas, prayers are all welcome as well.

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  1. Anonymous

    WOW Debra! Guess I have been caught up in my heart issues. I just learned about your wanting to go to UK a couple of days ago. I have not had much time to think about it but you know you will have God’s peace when you come to the conclusion He wants you to come to…all things are possible. Love you and will be praying. Mom

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