I know…I guess I should comment :(

Yes, I know. I have not been ignoring them. Its just that it makes me SO SAD! Not that I am give up any hope. Of course not, its only 32 games into the season. That means 130 games left. The M’s are going to improve! The rangers are playing in Seattle tonight (maybe that means I can watch a game some time in this series!?!?!) There have been injuries, there have been roster changes, there are guys called up who instead of igniting the offense just joined the hitting slump parade. No excuses, they are playing pretty terrible.

Now that they are tied at the bottom of the West/entire AL (and only one game better than the worst in the NL: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Colorado, & San Diego) Its time to KNOCK IT OFF! come on guys, you have the talent, lets play better than this!!!!!

So I start my new job this afternoon. Hello Starbucks, here I come!

Let see, what else…I finished LOST, season 1. I like it. On to season 2.

I watched the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, I was rooting for 2 horses: 1. Pyro (finished 8th) and Eight Belles (finished 2nd, after the race broke both front ankles and was euthanized on the spot). I am rethinking watching the Preakness. It just seems scientifically odd, such huge animals, small little feet and pushing them to the limit…


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