Tango un dolor de cabeza

If I remember correctly, I think that says “I have a headache” which I do. Is it the adjustment to being in Texas? (different weather) I don’t know.

So the M’s won one and then were promptly routed. The game is on tonight. They better win!

Ok, well…I am waiting for a phone call and do not have much else to be doing right now. Later.



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3 responses to “Tango un dolor de cabeza

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for keeping your blog up to date – always good to hear about your life. How is Starbucks? I’m still praying for the right job, where God can use your many talents; however, maybe right now God wants to use you at Starbucks. OR maybe this is where you will meet your future husband. Don’t laugh -I work with a gal, who actually met her future husband waiting in line at Starbucks and they have been married 4 years. Sorry about your trip, but I do believe God knows best and I’m sure you agree. Will you coming to the reunion this summer – sure hope so – it will be fun to catch up again. Love ya, Aunt Chris

  2. Mitchell Scott

    Tengo un dolor de cabeza (loosely translated: I have a pain of the head)orMe cabeza duele (my head hurts). There isn’t a good way to say you have a headache in Spanish. I found that out the other day ;-)I always just say “Me rompe me cabeza” or “I broke my head”.

  3. Deb

    Thats funny! (“I broke my head”) In High school, my teacher told us we should say “I have pain of the head” even though your are totally right, it is not the exact same as saying head ache.The best thing is…I don’t have one anymore!

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