I just spent a few moments skimming blogs by clicking on the “next blog” button on the top left of the screen (warning, do so with caution, its pretty random and sometimes people post terrible things).

A couple of observations:
1. It gives you the most recently updated of all public blogspot sites from the moment you click on the button
2. Most blogs at this time of night are not in English
3. To my Astonishment, one of the “most recently updated after I clicked on the button out of all of the possible blogspots in the world right now that are being updated” was only 1 degree away from me in the blog world, Carl W. & The Grubers (see links to the right) are friends with one of family’s blogs that popped up
4. There are a LOT of photography blogs
5. People think they are being original. Their not. And that includes me.

Final analysis: there is way too much content out there. Most of it goes unnoticed. If you start a blog tomorrow, you are not going to have the world at your fingertips because most of the world will never come across your blog, and even if they do, they will just click the “next” button in the same moment your page loads.
There are 3 main ways anyone will ever read someone’s blog: 1. Its a blog with professional intentions. 2. you have family and friends far away geographically and 3. (the most rare) You are some how beyond all odds very unique and some sparkle to your blog stands out from all of the over-done, mundane, unoriginal, ramblings of people who can’t sleep at night. And those “over-done, mundane, unoriginal, ramblings of people who can’t sleep at night” include me.

Not to be negative, just being realistic.


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  1. Crystal

    Debra, I very much understand what you are saying! I did the random blog reading for a while and it frustrated me with the amount of “navel-gazing”. Consistently looking at ourselves and going on and on about ME! Rather annoying (or should I say Rather Dashing 😉 ).BUT I do agree that if it is a blog of a friend or family member, I will read it regularly no matter how “mundane and unoriginal” the posts are because it is a connection with a person that matters to me. And you do have sparkle. I like that I can still know what is going on in your life even (or especially) the mundane and rambling parts. It is the stuff we would talk about if we weren’t separated by a lot of distance 🙂 Blogging keeps you in my day to day life and I like that! And I do more than my far share of navel-gazing 😉

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