Too much fun

So now I have to wait with everyone else until next January. So, did you watch? If so, did you catch it? Thanks to some live tv rewinding I did 🙂

It was the oddity of placement. That and a particular shape made me think …wait a minute… Octagon Global Recruiting Ah Yeah. If you don’t know what I am talking about, thats ok. I am guessing if you don’t – you don’t watch LOST. Its like a big mystery game.

“”. Its sponsored by the Dharma Initiative and rumor has it that the dates listed are the same time Comic-Con is in San Diego.

***Update. It turns out, if you post something about a VERY popular tv show right after the finale airs, you get a much higher hit count on your web site. In the last hour, my blog received more traffic than it typically does and the majority of the visits were from eastern and central time zones. Mountain & Pacific are still watching. Anyway, I just found it interesting.



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2 responses to “Too much fun

  1. Vicky

    I haven’t watched since the finale last season. I saw about a 1/2 hour of the 8pm show (which I’m guessing was last week’s episode) and the last 20 minutes of the finale. Very interesting… what was funny was the very end when Jack got out of the truck, I said, “wait wasn’t this how last season ended? I missed absolutely nothing!” heheVery funny about the higher than average traffic…

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