Let the Voting Begin

I need a new do. Today I was having fun manipulating my own photo with a handful of new hair cut options. I also added a bit of blond and red highlights (my “typical” colors on the maybe 3 occasions I have had my hair colored.)

As a visitor to my blog, it is now part of your responsibility and duty to vote on which hair style you think works best.

Also, I was hoping to go shorter because the weather is so warm here, but I think it is more difficult to find a short style.

So, Let me know which you like best.








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11 responses to “Let the Voting Begin

  1. Anonymous

    A for longG for shortRedder highlights either way…(Note: I know nothing about hair!)-Tom

  2. Anonymous

    kristin and I (tim) like F the best.

  3. Anonymous

    Option H.Shave it bald!

  4. Anonymous

    I like B or G the best. But I also think you will miss your long hair if you do go short. You can always clip it up and away for the shorter look. Mom AND please….do not go bald!

  5. Anonymous

    Acually D is pretty good too! Just Me

  6. Anonymous

    F for short or D for long

  7. Vicky

    F & G are still my favorites.Go short. It will grow back. However, I’m with your mom: Don’t shave it bald. 🙂

  8. Laura

    I vote A or B for long, G for short. As for going short…one of the most annoying things is not being able to pull it back when it gets annoying, and not being able to put it up when it’s uber hot. I don’t know what other people will tell you, but in my experience (I had short hair for a couple of years) short hair is a lot harder to maintain – daily and with getting it cut and such. Either way, I look forward to seeing/hearing about what you decide. Oh…I’ve been reading your blog for ages – thanks for the wide variety in topics!

  9. Anonymous

    Kristin likes B and Brent likes A if it were a little shorter.

  10. Anonymous

    I don’t check in on you often, but you did say you wanted input. I realize that a real cut will look much better than a computer generated style. That said, I think F and G make you look like you’re twelve- probably not what you’re going for. Good luck picking out a new style, be sure to post a pic- I need a new one too and if I like yours I may give it a try. Ann RichardsonP.S. Dave would go for the bald suggestion- he’s still trying to get the kids to try it.

  11. Deb

    Thank you all for you comments and suggestions. I will be counting up the vote (I also listed a similar thing on facebook and received votes there) and posting at a future date.My actually final decision (which may be influenced by the voting, but there is no guarantee I will go for the actual popular vote winner) will be at a much later date. I am currently saving up my tip money for my “haircut fund.”Some things of note:*I can assure you, shaving my head will not be an option.*Laura, thanks for reading (and commenting)! I really do love to hear from people who are reading. I will do my best to continue posting and hope that you will continue to enjoy my blog.*This comment will make comment number 11 for this post. Prior to this, the highest number of comments I have ever received on an one post was 9 so thanks for helping set a new record.

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