And the Winner is…

I counted up the votes here as well as on facebook (although those of you who voted in both places, I only counted yours once).

For the favorite long hair vote, it was B
For the favorite short hair vote it was F
F won the overall majority vote with 8
B & G followed with 4 each
A had 3
D had 2 
And both C & E had 0
These statistics are a bit bias though because I stated that I was leaning toward a short cut which probably lead to a higher count for both F & G.
Personally, I like B the best.  BUT I want short cut and F was my second favorite overall, so I will probably head in that direction.  Nice. It is encouraging that my favorite two were the ones everyone else liked.  I will post a real photo once I get it cut.  Thanks for participating.  I hope you enjoyed it (and got a laugh out of it) as much as I did.


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3 responses to “And the Winner is…

  1. Anonymous

    you forgot the vote to shave it bald. I want to see that pic!

  2. Deb

    A couple of things in response to that.1. I did address the shaved head option in the comment section of the previous post.2. I am pleased that you enjoy reading my blog and want to be part of the conversation, but honestly, when someone posts under the name “anonymous” it makes it more difficult to enjoy the fun with them. I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt that you probably know me in real life (you are posting from Auburn, WA after all) and are just adding your silly two sense in to be funny. Please understand where I, the blogger, am coming from. Someone (I do not know) is anonymously throwing spit-balls at me from across the virtual classroom and chuckling to themselves as a result. Thus making me the butt of a probably funny joke. As in the classroom example, if it is offender is unknown, it is an insult. If it thrower is known and a friend, it is funny for all involved. 3. I welcome everyone to comment and I do realize that some will feel better about commenting anonymously. In theory, I am ok with that, but at the same time, please be advised that if a comment is posted anonymously, there is a much lower chance I will respond to that comment or post in accordance with that persons request. (i.e. I will not put up a photo asked or demanded by an individual posting anonymously)Thanks again everyone for participating in this blog. There would not be much of a conversation without you!

  3. Deb

    oh and one more thing. To anonymous above. Please don’t be sad or mad in response to the above post. The biggest thing is I can’t communicate with you directly if needed. You probably had no idea it was bothering me and you (and everyone else) would continue to have no idea unless I said something. The above response above is my best attempt to communicate clearly so that truth and honest are preserved.

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