Season of Engagement

Wow.  In the last three weeks I have had three very dear friends get engaged.  

One was my “next door neighbor” of two years, my STUCO buddy and the REAL valedictorian of our NABC/Taylor class.  
Another NABC friend, the last single member of the “crew” (other than myself) and my fearless STUCO leader.  No one can act out the final goal in the 1972 summit series like he can.  Especially when he reminisces about the fond memory exclaiming “The best moment in my life!” (ignoring the fact that he was born around ‘1982).

The third friend also attended NABC at the same time I did, but lets be serious, this friendship goes back over 22 years – from the car accident to  “war” to 7th/8th grade lunch, a Mariners game with a brawl, and too many other memories to count.  He really is my fourth brother.
For all three of you I am Thrilled! 


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2 responses to “Season of Engagement

  1. Anonymous

    As always, well written.Dad

  2. Crystal

    Wow. It really is the time to get engaged. It must be something in the water 🙂 or maybe the impending doom of our five year NABC/Taylor reunion 😉 You are a wonderful friend, Debra!

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