Yeah, M’s win (and even in extra innings)!

I watched the Mole tonight.  It was surprisingly pretty entertaining.  I was convinced I would not like it because Cooper Anderson is no longer the host. 

I realised that it really frustrates me when people do not understand me or what I am trying to say.  If the meaning of what I am trying to convey gets lost, it can be upsetting.  Whether in papers, in converstions, online, wherever its so frustrating!  Perhaps this is why when someone gets mad at me, or annoyed, or hurt, I want to clear it up right away.  I cannot stand for miscommunication or missunderstandings to go unaddressed.  

Which brings me to the problem of blogging.  Text looses so much. Between the time that the concepts and ideas form in my head and I push them into the constrains of language in order to type it out, something small in meaning is already lost. I form the words and sentences, share the ideas, but it all exists concretely in my mind, experienced in my time and space. For you, the reader to come in a different time, space, situation, culture, (whatever, just different from me) and read the text, more is lost, thus the meaning intended is not the exact meaning understood.  (I believe this are ideas brought up by Hans-Georg Gadamer in Truth and Method. You can correct me if I am wrong Tyler) The meaning of a text can never be completely understood by the reader (although you can get pretty close).

With spoken language loss of meaning happens. With text it is to an even greater degree. All written word is a derivative of a spoken word (except for the case of perhaps sign language, but even that in its original form is intended to be expressed). It is expressed. Which places great value on tone, voice, expression and presentation. Text looses most if not all of this. LOL and BEING EXCITED WITH CAPS do not provide adequate substitutes for someone actually laughing or shouting.

Therefore, there are bound to be misunderstandings as a result of text – specifically this blog. I had one just the last couple of days. I hope it concluded with a comment I received late this evening. I believe the poster did not understand what I was saying and their comment just made me sad. Rather than respond, misunderstanding begets more misunderstanding in a vicious cycle, I deleted it. Heres to hoping the we can keep misunderstandings at a minimum.

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