Harvey Dent for DA (or fun with ARGs)

Who is Harvey Dent? What is an ARG? Glad you asked those questions.

Harvey Dent recently ran for District Attorney for Gotham City. The Election was held this week and Mr. Dent won by a landslide! (you can see his Website Click here)

What you say? Gotham City is not a real place? I beg to differ. Check out these photos from the last time I was in Gotham.

A Gotham cab

Looks like they may be having some issues with Crime these days in Gotham. There were several SWAT trucks and police cars out the day I was there

Rumor has it that there is a man running around Gotham (quite possibly the owner of the truck in this photo) who dresses up like a clown. I am not 100% sure about that, but I guess this particular day must have been garbage day.

(you can also see my previous gotham posts here , here and here)

Why do I say all this? And are you still wondering what an ARG is? Well let me explain. ARG stands for Alternative Reality Game. In short it is a game that combines the web, viral marketing, puzzles and occasionally (as in the case of the Dark Knight) real live participatory events.

The idea is 1. to produce a viral media/marketing campaign for whatever product is being sold and 2. to give a fun activity, which often fills in the back-story of a movie or tv show, for the fans to get involved with. In this case, there have been online puzzles and scavenger hunts all to give Gotham a seemingly real feel. The “prizes” for events and puzzles are often a sneak peak at trailers or pictures before the rest of the world sees them. This particular ARG contains a police department, a bank, a couple of restaurants, The Gotham Times, and sites pertaining to the election just to name a few. Because I registered and voted on monday at the GothamElectionBoard, I now have a Gotham Address. Its all just a bit of fun.

The real thing that got me curious about ARGs is the Octagon Global Recruiting ad and website for LOST. Apparently there were two ARGs between season fleshing out some of the LOST story line that the show would never have time to cover. Again, it adds to the Myth, gives weight to the Epic (and helps uber-fans make it through the summer and fall until the show returns in January).

So its all in good fun. And let me give you a heads up. If you like Batman, and you like dominos pizza, you may just want to order the “gotham special” on Monday. Trust me, it will be worth it. (Just spreading some of the GothamCityPizzeria love that I learned while in my alternate universe today)


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4 responses to “Harvey Dent for DA (or fun with ARGs)

  1. Mr. Gruber

    Your post is so cool. I just read about ARG’s in Wired and told you brother about them about two days ago.

  2. Deb

    Thanks! I was a lucky kid to live in chicago and see some of the filming for this movie, thus the sweet pictures.Not that you have time, but if you are into LOST, I recommend visiting http://www.octagonglobalrecruiting.com So far nothing has started up and word on the street is they are waiting for comic-con in San Diego (the dates and location on the octagon commercial) to get thing started.Mostly, I just watch whats happening with this stuff. It all goes down too quickly when puzzles do come out, but its fun anyway.

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