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So the trial started on Monday. Each day I check news articles to see how the trial is progressing. I will tell you up front (which, if your consistantly read this blog, you already know), I am completely and totally bias. I think the city and people of Seattle are getting hosed by the ownership group. I think the “good faith effort” was lip service and the intention all along was to move the team. I think it is reprehensible that the NBA can allow, nay approve such a ill conceived plan.  Market size is just one practical reason why.  History (to me) is an important factor as well.

Anyway, I found this in a Sports Illustrated online article today.  Wow, can we say “dishonest” Mr. Bennett?
“In one memo to his ownership group, Bennett wrote: ‘In the context of our ‘good faith best efforts’ commitment and working with our lawyers and communications consultant … We will consider a renovation of KeyArena.’
‘You never made that effort, did you?’ Lawrence asked.
‘I never considered a renovation of KeyArena,’ Bennett responded.”
The article can be found here.

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