Pitching and Hitting win Ballgames

And for the Mariners, both are found in Felix Hernandez. Its only in the fifth, but behind the pitching (and hitting) of Hernandez, the M’s are winning 5-1. So far, he has a 2 hitter going in the fifth. AND (most incredibly) he it a home-run in the second. Not just any home-run, mind you, but a GRAND SLAM. That’s right folks, for the first time in Mariner history, a pitcher hits a grand slam home-run!

Ok, guys…just keep up the defense for 4 more and we’re golden.


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2 responses to “Pitching and Hitting win Ballgames

  1. Deb

    And then he left the game early with an ankle injury due to being spiked while covering home for a play at the plate. sadness.

  2. Vicky

    Wow, I’m sorry I missed this one! Grand Slam… amazing! That means that 3 players before him got on base!!!Too bad about the ankle injury 😦

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