Here we go again

Its a big political year. I love politics. I also love church history. I may never have a job that specifically uses things I learned at Wheaton, but for the rest of my life, I will see and hear things that fall into the realm of my “expertise.”

Here’s one I just saw from the AP story “Tom Minnery, a senior vice president at Focus on the Family, responded: ‘Without question, Dr. Dobson is speaking for millions of evangelicals because his understanding of the Bible is thoroughly evangelical.'”

So many questions can asked about this statement. Can one person actually assume to speak on behalf of millions? How does one define what an “thoroughly evangelical” understanding of the Bible is. Do those who either self label or are given the label “evangelical” even know what an thoroughly evangelical view is? And to say this as fact “without question”?

Personally, I would label myself “evangelical” but I don’t think I like one person, or a group of people, assuming they speak for me. I find it a bit presumptuous. And this does not even factor in whether I agree with what he says or not. I just don’t like someone hollering over my voice, even if its with good intentions. In the end, all this does is take away my voice. That, and I don’t like someone else spending my credibility chips for me, without asking.

Thats all. I love this time of year. I need to get registered to vote.


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  1. Vicky

    Amen friend 🙂 Let me use my own voice as I choose, please. I liked the sentence about credibility chips…. good way to put it.And I don’t even know what he said (maybe I should read or watch the new more… hmmm)

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