That's odd

Right now the LA Angels are playing the LA Dodgers. The Angels’ pitcher has a no-hitter going through 6 innings. Here’s the odd thing. Even though the Angels have three hits, they have no runs. On the other hand, the Dodgers have no hits, but one run. Turns out, in the fifth, the pitcher (who is throwing a no-no) had an error and a man reached first. He then stole second and made it to third on a throwing error by the catcher. Then it only look a sacrifice fly to get him home.

I am sure this has happened before, but it literally took me a couple of minutes to get figure out the box score. I looked at the 1s and 0s trying to make sense of this upside down game. I wonder what will happen in the last four innings. . .

***UPDATE: It’s now a collaborative effort as the Angels bullpen has joined the no-hitter brigade. This team effort is taking a 0-1 score into the ninth. What this means is that if the Angels do not score, the game is over. They work together to lose a no-hit game they just threw. They don’t even get a chance to pitch the bottom of the ninth.

Also, in much more important news, the M’s won! They are now 5-3 with Riggleman at the helm. And only about 20 games back of five hundred. Plus if the Angels don’t score in the top of the ninth, the M’s are only 17.5 games out of first. Hope springs eternal. I remember a year when they were only 4.5 games closer, in September, and they caught up. There is still a lot of baseball left. 🙂

***2 outs, 2 strikes….ball in play….double!
***ball 1…strike 1…ball 2…ball 3…Come on Dodgers!!! Finish ’em off already.
***ball 4, two men on. This is ridiculous.
***stike 1… ball 1…strike 2…STRIKE 3! Game over, Angels complete the no hitter, Dodgers win.

         R H E
LAA 0  5  2
LAD 1  0  2

***UPDATE:  One last thing.  According to ESPN, it is not considered  a no-hitter because it was not a “complete game.” Because the Angels didn’t pitch in the ninth, ESPN is labeling it this way “Jered Weaver and Jose Arredondo combined to allow no hits in eight innings.”  I learned something new…  Baseball, we watch because there is always a chance we will see something we’ve never seen before.

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