The holiday

Happy 4th.

First things first: The sonics. I am sad. I am disappointed, I am mad. I honestly don’t see the WA state legislature getting anything done by the end of 2009 so the NBA is probably gone for good. I don’t even really like NBA basketball, I just like Seattle and like usual, East Coast bias, it’s all about money, and the fans get short changed. I was thinking this morning, if it was the M’s leaving, I don’t know what I would do. Honestly, I think I would cry.

Now for the Holiday. I don’t have any specific plans. The big fireworks show in town “Kaboomtown” is taking place right now. And I was not about to go by myself to an extremely over-crowded-with-people event. No thanks. Instead, I am listening the M’s game (currently winning!) and after this post, I am going to do some reading.

Tomorrow, I plan on sleeping in. I am also going to put some steak on the grill along with some corn on the cob. The only catch is, I need to grill for lunch because I am not about to be outside in the late afternoon heat standing over a grill. I would like to not die of heat exhaustion thank you very much. I am also doing chores tomorrow like consolidating loans, apartment shopping and laundry.

Thats about it. I may be hanging out with a friend on saturday and on Sunday there is church.

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