Doom is heavy

The weight of impending doom is a horrid thing to be burdened with. While the Mariners may have lost yesterday 2-1 and are currently in the top of the 9th down by one (one out 2 men on) there is no longer doom that just hovers in the air. I don’t assume the m’s are going to lose. Earlier this season, it wasn’t really a matter of “if” they would lose, but how. And at times they sure made the “how” to losing pretty incredible.

No, now they fight. There is hope. A small breath. A taste of life. Air. Not heavy, noxious doom poisoning all within reach. No longer do the ominous clouds stand overhead. It may still rain, perhaps an occasional deluge, but there is also a glimmer of sun. Light. I can sleep better at night knowing they are maybe going to have posted a win when I check in the morning.

Not tomorrow morning though, they just finished the last out in the 9th leaving the tying and winning run aboard. But still, its easier to watch a well fought loss than to see them give up.


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