Ha Ha Ha

I was supposed to be asleep hours ago BUT the coolest thing happened. Remember when I explained what ARG’s are? (fun with ARG’s) Well tonight was the big payoff.

Two nights ago, the ARG for The Dark Knight had a live gathering in both Chicago and New York City. A Bat Signal appeared on a building in each of the cities. Tonight (corresponding with some other online activities) the bat signal was Jokerized. All of the Gotham sites were jokerized as well, which lead to a puzzle. The puzzle then pointed the way to…


So Tuesday night I am heading into Dallas with friends (it worked out amazingly that a friend from work and his girlfriend were also able to get tickets) to see an advanced screening of the Dark Knight. From seeing Gotham a year ago to this, such a fun ride!

I got involved with the ARG because I like batman and I was hoping to get a copy of the Gotham Times. This is way better!
And I am so excited I can’t sleep!


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