Just got back from the advanced screening of TDK. Don’t worry, no spoilers here. All I can say is Wow! It was fantastic. Yes, you must see it in the theaters.

It took me just over 30 minutes to get home. Would have been less, but when I got just outside the street where I live, the entire town’s police & fire departments had blocked off a section of the road. Something must have happened at the gas station so they had to seal of the area. I am still kind of new, so I was not sure how to get home if they wouldn’t let me drive on that road. Turns out it was easy enough, but the asking of directions and driving a little out of my way put me just over the 30 minute mark. Not bad. Google maps says 41 minutes and up to an hour & 10 minutes in traffic. Good thing there is not traffic at one in the morning.

Oh yeah, the All Star Game…I just remembered it was on tonight, and I hear it was a long one! Go AL. ok, night I have 5 hours until morning.

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