Reunion Review

I have mostly recovered (after sleeping about 23 hours) and wanted to follow up on the happenings at the Reunion.

First, the mouse which stared in the movies below, thankfully did not have any family members show up.

Also, we had a great time playing Putt Putt with one insane hole that included a huge jump with no one landing on the green several yards away. Brent got the ball in the hole in 4 (everyone else got the limit of 8 strokes) only because of a lucky chip in. Yes, we have photos of us using our putters on the grass, it was our only option.

We celebrated my Grandma’s birthday (I don’t think she is shy about her age, so I will just state it, 80). Unbeknownst to most in attendance of the surprise birthday party, there was an additional surprise in store. One of my Aunts did some hard work, some research, and some letter writing to come up with the best birthday gift ever. My grandma got her honorary high school diploma. Many years ago, she had to drop out after her mother died and there were younger sisters to take care of. Here is a photo of her Graduation Day.

Here is almost of the entire clan. We were missing 3 cousins and two cousin-in-laws.



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2 responses to “Reunion Review

  1. Katie

    Ahem, You forgot to mention who won Putt Putt. 🙂

  2. Deb

    OH yes, how silly of me. AND KATIE WON!!!!! 🙂

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