Stories from the Front lines

***Qualifyer: the following post, as well as the next two, are from my work blog. They chronicle my time filling in at the front desk. It has been slightly edited for content***

As most know, I am filling in at the front desk for the week (and a couple of days next week, but who’s counting?). The following is an account of my first two days in exile.

Each day, I enjoy having so many people come visit me, but I do see through the “Hello Debra” façade, to the true, “I really just want chocolate” reality. That is perfectly ok with me. (*edit, please don’t complain about lack of chocolate selections. It is what it is.)

Day one started out with a scanner that would not scan, and then proceeded to a printer that would not print. Moving past the fact that the operator of said printer tried to print a page two that did not actually exist, these two technical problems were quickly resolved.

The telephone gracefully gave me an entire three hours before it decided to ring. During this time of peace, I inadvertently locked myself out of a needed program due entering an incorrect password too many times. Fortunately after a two-hour waiting period, this problem remedied itself and no harm was done. While waiting to be allowed back into the program, I only fielded one prank call (you know who you are!) as well as a accidental hang-up on one person. Again, my on again-off again good luck pulled through and the person I hung up on was a Pursuant employee, not a client.

Then we all went home, so ends day one.

Day two was busy. With the help of my fulfillment friends cranking out work, a personal best was set in tasks completed. Day two also saw an improvement on how to use the telephone, with the exception of my ignorance in how to simply pick up the phone and call someone else in the building.

In the afternoon, the front door blew open on several occasions. At first I thought it was just someone exiting the building while I wasn’t looking, and then running away as fast as they could, which is why I didn’t see them outside when I looked up. My next idea was that someone was trying to escape by crawling out the door. It turns out that neither was the case and we were just being hit with a bit of wind. Thanks Edouardo.

So ends day two.

I must note that Kelly has an extremely difficult job, at which, she is fantastic.

To conclude, my favorite thing about sitting up here is the speed at which this chair slides across the cement floor. Carpet sure slows us down.

Until next time (should I survive to see more days), have a marvelous one.

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