The End of the Day

At 5:30 on Tuesday, I nervously awaited the scheduled pick up of an overnight letter. As the minute hand ticked ever closer to the six, I was fearful that UPS was not coming. Still burned into my mind was the false hope I experienced at 4:50, I saw the truck drive by, but it never came into the parking lot.

The truck came down the road again, but I was skeptical it would do anything other than pick up the items from the drop box down the street. (The drop box is always the backup plan, except that in this case, the last pick up for the box was also 5:30 – if our scheduled pick up did not come, it would be too late for the drop box.) I handed the letter off to Lance, thinking, that if someone needed to sprint down the road to catch the truck, he would be much faster than I. To my pure delight, the truck did not pass the parking lot; it turned in. And this lead to the most magnificent event of my entire front desk experience.

Did you know they are considering a new event for the Olympics? It’s called “the 3m Man to UPS truck relay,” an event that I happened to miss while looking away for a fraction of a second. I caught a glimpse of a quickly moving brown truck through our parking lot. My first thought was that we missed him, which then changed to confusion. How was it that Lance no longer held the letter?

In fact, Lance had actually won the above mentioned Olympic event. With letter in hand, he stepped off the curb to hand the letter to the UPS truck driver. He thought he was saving the driver some time. Right. He thought the truck was going to slow down. Wrong. He did not realize how much time (an extra 2.326 seconds) he was saving the driver. The truck continued to barrel down the road, not slowing down. Lance leaped onto the curb, lifted up the letter, and jammed it into the outstretched hand of the driver, who was still going the same speed, had rolled down his window and stuck out his hand. Apparently it was amazing. I missed it, but Lance experienced it and Slay witnessed it. Gold medal.

So ends my time up front.

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