How is that possible!

My Blogging Anniversary slipped right by me! on 8-18-8 it was my 3rd anniversary of blogging. In those three years, I have 612 posts (including this one) and 23,375 visitors (from the time I started counting).

In the most recent months, my hit count has slowed down considerably. I attribute this to a more accurate site counter that does not count my own computer. I probably visit it the most to re-read, check grammar and look to see if people have commented. So I like that it no longer counts me in the hit count.

I have also noticed in recent months that there has been a severe drop off in comments. I attribute this to a change in requirements needed to post a comment. Because nothing I say is anonymous, I felt that it was better to extend the inability for anonymity to commenters. As most of you know, this means to comment, you have to have a google account.

So there you go: three years and a little generalized analysis.


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2 responses to “How is that possible!

  1. Vicky

    I would guess your hit count is also down because more people are using a feed of some sort… so they don’t visit unless you’ve posted something new.You have a site counter that doesn’t count you??? No way! Where would I find that? I’ve thought about adding a counter, but I visit my blog a lot to check my feed and to listen to my music, so I figured my stats would be pretty skewed.I always enjoy reading your blog Debra!!! I can’t wait to see you In Oct!

  2. Chris Bauslaugh

    Yes, it really is 1:23 A.M. eastern time. I couldn’t sleep so I decided to get on the computer. I love reading your blog. I must admit I’m one of those who reads it, but does not post a comment all the time.How is the apartment hunting going? AND how is the job. Sure was fun seeing you this summer.I can’t believe it has already been 3 years since you started your blog, where does the time go?Have a great weekend.

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