Stuck in my Throat

Do you ever take medicine and get a feeling that it is stuck in your throat? Sometimes I do. Like tonight for example. My head has been pretty stuffed up due to allergy issues. I took some benadryl (so I only have a few more minutes to type this before I no longer make any sense at all).

When I swallow pills, I just swallow them. Typically I will try and follow them up with some type of liquid so that I don’t feel like the pills are just sitting in my throat, refusing to go down. Thats what I did tonight, swallowed the pills then gulped down some water. I still got that “stuck in the throat” feeling. I decided that if I ate a blowpop, it might help. It didn’t. Fortunately, I think my eyes are starting to droop and I can probably fall asleep even though it still feels like I have benadryl that didn’t quite make it down. It’s so silly because obviously, it made it to my tummy, thats why my eyes so so tired and my brain is turning off even as I complete this sentan


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